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Training and Mentoring for

Real Estate Professionals
all over the
USA and Canada


Steve Kodad teaches Feng Shui for Real Estate

My Motto is…

                     SELL FAST, BUY SMART, and BUILD CORRECTLY


I’m Steve Kodad.  I’m a national real estate trainer and owner of a Feng Shui school that trains and mentors real estate agents in using Feng Shui.  I’m a Red Ribbon Feng Shui master (highest level).  Over 2-decades, I have taught and aided thousands of agents throughout the United States, in Canada, and Europe this step-by-step formula.

What if all your listings... 
      Sold quickly and were stress-free for your homeowner?           
What if your buyers were blown-away by the extra value you offer

Your audience will be spellbound

Read your way to a quick close

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With Steve

Powerful Onsite Seminars

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Feng Shui?

Homeowners and real estate agents get stressed and frustrated when a home doesn’t sell in a timely manner. Feng Shui removes this problem. Feng Shui techniques are inexpensive to implement for the seller and will sell a home quickly, and THAT is everyone’s goal!

The Feng Shui of an environment creates a feeling that can attract both people and energy. The energy of any space is actually felt. Our subconscious reacts to every environment we enter and when a home is for sale, it must come off as positive. It must feel right for the seller to get an offer!

Think about those moments when you entered a new environment, and for some reason it felt "off" or you were leery.  The reason?  The space had poor Feng Shui! Following some common sense criteria will turn things around.  And, if you are in real estate, this is a game-changer for your business!

"Every Battle is Won Before It's Ever Fought"

~Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu’s words are as true now as they were thousands of years ago. Lack of preparation when selling a home will make your task so much more difficult. Ignoring the preparation will cause the homeowner more stress, more frustration, and be less profitable!

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What Information to Become A 
       Feng Shui Real Estate Professional or a Feng Shui Staging Professional


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