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Steve Kodad teaches Feng Shui for Real Estate

Learn how commonsense Feng Shui techniques and UNIQUE ways using LinkedIn and marketing can
    increase your real estate business!  I teach this material nationally for state RE associations.

        Hi, I’m Steve Kodad and this course will show you how to change environments         
             inexpensively so you sell your listings quickly, make your home buyers ecstatic with your 
                 added knowledge, give you the ability to fill unique niches (like Universal Design),
                      stand out from other local agents, and greatly improve the number of referrals you
                          receive!  Your career can be more lucrative and more enjoyable.  Click for
this SPECIAL class that shows you HOW.

What if your Real Estate Business…
"You Don't Even Have to Mention Feng Shui with this System to a Client!"

Your audience will be spellbound

Read your way to a quick close

Powerful Onsite Seminars

and Online Certification

Feng Shui?

We’ve always known that our environments had a lot to do with our productivity, our comfort, our state of mind, our security, and our happiness.  Feng Shui can greatly improve an environment for selling, for buying, and for LIVING!


When I “discovered” Feng Shui 2-decades ago it spoke to me like nothing else.  It literally changed my business and my life!  It also changed my career path.  When I started, I was a successful real estate broker and owner of a mid-size (34 agents) real estate company in Charlotte, NC.  When I decided to become a certified Feng Shui professional in 2004, little did I know I would sell my half of my company and leave real estate to pursue Feng Shui full-time later.  It was the best decision I ever made!  I was able to combine three things I love...real estate, Feng Shui, and teaching!  All things I've had success with and enjoy.


The course I’ve created for real estate agents has made many people (agents and their clients) real believers.  It has been improved to include inexpensive marketing techniques (especially LinkedIn which I teach nationally) I have used for over a dozen years to make my business successful.  After listening to many of you, I’ve changed the “delivery method” of the material.  You made it clear you wanted to be able to ask questions and have more contact with me and the other students personally.  So, starting on March 7, 2024, I am proud to offer a hybrid class of 6 live webinars and multiple videos to also watch in between our meetings on Zoom.


Feng Shui transforms any environment into a special place capable of keeping us healthier, motivated, encouraged, secure, comfortable, and a magnet for opportunities.  It is truly the "environmental science" of the past and the future!

"Every Battle is Won Before It's Ever Fought"

~Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu’s words are as true now as they were thousands of years ago.  Lack of preparing your environment, no matter if currently living there, working there, or even selling, makes your tasks or daily existence much more difficult and painful.  Making subtle changes and keeping up with them, makes your life  easier and more pleasant for everyone!

      What Information on Classes to Become a 
       Feng Shui Staging Professional or Feng Shui Real Estate Professional?


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