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with Steve Kodad
offering the BEST Feng Shui Training One-On-One for Real Estate Success!


Steve Kodad teaches Feng Shui for Real Estate

            This coaching and training is for BOTH selling a home and purchasing a home.     

                    This training will give the "keys" to how to market for both the domestic and 

                           international client.  

Spend 60-Days with Me and Transform
Your Real Estate Business!
It is Time to Standout!
It is Time to Offer Skills That No Other
Agent in Town Can Match!

Your audience will be spellbound

Read your way to a quick close

Powerful Onsite Seminars

and Online Certification

Feng Shui and Real Estate?

What a great "match"!


Using Feng Shui for real estate success is a game winner, but few know how to actually use it and apply it.  Done correctly an individual misses the changes and just knows it feels feels RIGHT!


I help real estate agents become unique and powerful.  Yes, POWERFUL!   You see Feng Shui transforms any environment into a space that magnetically "draws" a person to feeling very comfortable, very secure, and very attached.

Many environments actually repel a person, or, at least, doesn't attract them.  Any environment, and especially a home, MUST "feel" a certain way to create that special bond.

Over 30-days together. I can transform your real estate business.  Those 30-days will supply, for you, a system 

"Every Battle is Won Before It's Ever Fought"

~Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu’s words are as true now as they were thousands of years ago.  Lack of preparing your environment, no matter if currently living there, working there, or even selling, makes your tasks or daily existence much more difficult and painful.  Making subtle changes and keeping up with them, makes your life  easier and more pleasant for everyone!

      What Information on Classes to Become a 
       Feng Shui Staging Professional or Feng Shui Real Estate Professional?


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Pinellas Realtor Association
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Realtor Association of Sarasota and Sarasota, FL
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