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Special FREE Presentations
and On Demand Videos for Sale

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Steve Kodad offers 3 special videos for purchase:

  • LinkedIn for Real Estate Agent's Success -- $75

  • Feng Shui for Real Estate Agents -- $115 

  • Using Feng Shui for Improving Public Schools -- $45 (49-Minutes)

Steve offers to speak at any real estate office for FREE within 20-miles of Bradenton.  His workshop/presentation is 30-minutes.

Contact Steve at for scheduling or to purchase one of the videos.   You can purchase all 3 videos for $175


The LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents is an acclaimed 3-hour CE class currently in Florida for Realtors. Steve is in the top 5% of connections in the world and has presented this material nationally at state real estate conventions around the country.  The Feng Shui video for real estate is also a 3-hour CE class, also in Florida and has had lots of agents attending.  Steve has written 2 books on this topic.


The video using Feng Shui to improve our schools has to do with making the complete environment more encouraging and increasing learning.  Steve taught in public and private schools for 14 years.  Payment for videos is done through PayPal.

May the chi be with you!

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