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    2024-2025 Schedule

Exclusive TRAINING That Will Explode Your

                  Course and Certification (3 Month Payment Plan Available)

                    Coaching, Certification, and Training
               Full Price                                   3-Month Payment Plan
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             3 Month Payment Plan
"Become the EXPERT in Feng Shui for Sellers and Buyers Locally and in Your State"
The Intrinsic School of Feng Shui with Steve Kodad and Lisa Alban

Invite Steve to Speak at your Next Convention

Steve Kodad  Keynote Speaker Holds Audiences "Spell Bound"

Teachers Open The Doors, But You Must Enter Yourself...
                                                                                Chinese Proverb

A professional in Feng Shui design training

Linda Zanaz,
Realtor, eXp Realty, LLC

"I highly recommend Steve Kodad's Feng Shui workshop for anyone who would like to improve the balance and harmony in their homes with the art of placement. Steve shows how  Feng Shui is an easy and fun process that will allow me to help people by saving time, money and stress."

Laurie St.Onge

Laurie St. Onge 
New Braunfels, Texas

"I'm really excited to be able to use my certification in Feng Shui staging to help get new listings and get the stale ones off the market! Using Feng Shui will give my sellers the edge over the "3 P's" marketing strategy used by other agents!" 


Lou Rodriguez, P.A., 

Lake Worth, FL

“I have been following Steve's Feng Shui advice for many years now. He is not only passionate about the topic, but he is very knowledgeable, experienced and does not keep his knowledge a secret. I highly recommend Steve.”


Vikki Goy 

DPR Realty.Mesa, AZ

“The Feng Shui Staging Certification Program that Steve put together from the years of practical practice is amazing.  It is self-paced so it fit perfectly into my busy life. Steve was able to put together a complete and easy to understand wealth of Feng Shui knowledge all wrapped up with a pretty red bow on it.  I was honored he would share this information so that I can now share it with my clients.  I am very grateful Steve learned so much...Thank you!”

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One Hour Q&A Strategy Session -- $90

Ask questions on marketing, Feng Shui, LinkedIn, and real estate for 60-minutes.


120-Minute Intensive LinkedIn Make-Over -- $150

Profile transformation, networking, daily routine, posting, using LinkedIn Live, etc.


Monthly Coaching -- $200 per Month

Each month we schedule and meet twice ONLINE

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