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    Small Space Evaluations

Workshop and Presentation Schedule
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Your space is special!  Let's make sure it stays that way for you and your loved ones.  To begin, please TEXT me at (941) 720-4480, and I'll call you back ASAP.

If you have a home with less than 1600 sq ft, a cubicle, a dorm room, an apartment, an office, a classroom, or just a single room...I can help it be more open, productive, organized, 
comfortable, welcoming, and yes...even more inspiring!

After our initial conversation, let's meet online.  We will schedule that at your convenience.  I do many online meetings each month and this is a good way to answer initial questions and for us to meet.

Depending on your proximity, we will do everything online.  We will discuss the fee, goals, methods, and potential time frame on our online conversation.  The fee will range from $100-$350.

I have been helping individuals, families, and businesses for almost 2 decades.  I own two different Feng Shui schools, have been featured and written up in many places (including on PBS), and have written
3 books and working on a 4th.


May the chi be with you always!
When Your Smaller SPACE Needs AID From a Feng Shui Pro

I and, my partner, Lisa Alban are very proud of our students and their success.  They have "raving" fans of their own and receive awards for their amazing achievements, like Linda Wellman below.

The use of Feng Shui is so very powerful for selling a home and creating an environment that is so welcoming, comfortable, and encouraging for the entire family.


Linda Wellman, a graduate of my coaching course, won a national contest for Berkshire Hathaway agents by creating a 90-second video (shown above). It was selected as the best example of preparing a listing to sell! Yes, she referred to Feng Shui! Linda is a top agent in the West Palm Beach, Florida market.

Teachers Open The Doors, But You Must Enter Yourself

Chinese Proverb

Feng Shui Training for Real Estate
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